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Re: Switching keyboard language with Ctrl+Shift in the KDE

El Jueves, 17 de Julio de 2008, Anton Liaukevich escribió:
> I want to use "Russia" & "USA" keyboard layouts and switch them with
> Ctrl+Shift. I had added "Russia" & "USA" to active layouts so that I can
>   switch them with left-mouse-click in the tray. But I hadn't be able to
> find option for layout switching in "Keyboard Shortcuts" (excepting for
> "Switch to Next Keyboard Layout") applet of KDE Control Center.

I change from spanish to US keyboard layout with ctrl+alt+k. If you only have 
two layouts, I think is quite comfortable.

> For now I selected only "Russian" layout but turned on the checkbox
> "Include lation layout" so that command for xkb became:
> "setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout ru,us" and turned on the checkbox
> "Ctrl+Shift change layout" in "Xkb Options" tab. After it I has been
> able to switch language with Ctrl+Shift. Unfortunately, now I can't see
> current language in the tray that is very inconvenient.

I think that KDE (at least in 3.X) removed "modifier only shortcuts" (i.e., 
you can't have a shortcut without a "normal" key). There was a long thread on 
kde-core-devel some time ago about this. That's the reason why you can't, for 
example, open the K-menu with the Win key.

I don't fully understand the reasons, but it seems that were causing trouble, 
and was difficult to differentiate when ctrl+shift was pressed to use another 

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