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kde 4.0.80 upgrade issue?

I was running 4.0.2.  I started running the upgrade to 4.0.80 when I ran into 
an issue with kdebase-runtime-data-common.  The error message:
E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime-data-common_4%3a4.0.80-2_all.deb: 
trying to overwrite 
`/usr/share/desktop-directories/kde-development-translation.directory', which 
is also in package kdebase-workspace-data

From the comments in the change log for that package I see: "Install 
desktop-directory files to kdebase-runtime-data-common (37 files)."  

Somehow I suspect that caused the issue I had since the error reports an 
attempt to overwrite some files in a 'desktop-directories' folder.

This has left the kdebase-runtime-data-common package broken.  I am wondering 
what my best option is?

Best Regards, Allen


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