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Just a few questions

Dear maintainers,

I am looking forward to kde4, and I know, although it is already released on 
other distributions (SuSE, RedHat) I like the high qualitity of Debian. Well, 
as it is no problem for me to wait, I have a question, as I am using kde on a 
production  system:

You wrote, there are problems, when running KDE4-apps in KDE3. This is 
understandable. But you did not tell, how are KDE3-apps running in KDE4 !

Are there problems ? Or can I just upgrade to KDE4 and use KDE3-apps without 
any problems ? What about downward compabilty ? 

I would be pleased about some answers. 

Best regards


P.S. Thank you very, very much for your work !!!

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