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Re: Impressions of KDE4 and the Debian packages

You can use both IF you compile one of them. I had to compile kde3 (using 
konstruct) when kde3 was too big of a problem on Sid for an extended period. 
I put it on /opt. Kde4 installed on /usr. (Yes, a pity that stuff did not go 
into separate subdirectories--I think they do it that way for Ubuntu, 
i.e /usr/bin/kde4, /usr/lib/kde4, etc., at least until it is really ready for 

With one of them off /usr, I can have desktop files in sessions to run the 
appropriate startkde. Paths need be set there AND an environment variable 
should be set identifying the session (it used to do just that but I now must 
add it myself, say in my older kde3 startkde which is not getting overwritten 
in upgrades). I then have my bash profile test that and set up appropriate 

Rusty-trusty kde3 apps usually run just fine in kde4 so kdevelop can still be 
used. Visa-versa, I can run the new dolphin in kde3, no sweat.

One big reason why it can be problematic keeping both around is that kde3 uses 
dcop and kde4 is using dbus services for intertask operations and never the 
twain to meet. So ... I have both going. It would be nice (hint-hint) for 
kde4 to have a dcop that tests the session env variable and uses dbus. This 
bit of compatibility would go a long way.

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