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Using KDE3.5 and KDE4

>Now that I can use KDE4, well, it is not quite ready so I still want both 
>around. My kde3.5.6 is "konstructed" on /opt/kde3.5 and my kde4 is a Debian 
>Sid/experimental installation to /usr (I might have preferred ./opt/kde4 but 
>did not want to compile this myself).
>...>So ... after this lengthy shpiel, to use both kde versions, the startkde 
>cange the profile, not just have that env to itself. Problem is not just 
>theoretically there may be more than one user up. If I say only one user at a 
>time, changing /etc/profile needs root and startkde runs as user. Would a 
>local .profile in $HOME override the /etc/profile in a well-behaved manner 
>and should I have startkde copy the appropriate version to $HOME/.profile? Or 
>is there a better answer (and should not the installation take care of 
>this :-))?

I tried this.
Logging in a tt#: console shows the $HOME/.profile was saved and honored.
The kde4 session seems to honor it.
Konsole comes up and does NOT honor this. Got it to work as /bin/bash -l which 
the documentation says reads ~/.profile. Question is what path is being used 
for menu items?

Clicking a link on say, an email or a bookmark brings up the OLD konqueror--at 
least this one works without a hitch. The new one, well ....
Opera and Dillo are available.

Any, I got wallpaper working (not from the themes which are not honored, it 
seems). Icon sizes will only change as of next login--there is no refresh 
desktop and it is not necessarily refreshed when editing properties. So far, 
pretty nice.

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