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Re: KDE4 and KDE3 separate

On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 03:13:33PM +0530, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> Ana Guerrero wrote:
> > KDE4 will remain in experimental for some time... (months). Only some
> > parts of kde4 will be co-installable with KDE3.  Think we are planning
> > release Lenny with KDE 3.5.9.  More info about this in a mail soon.
> Apart from the Oxygen icons, I don't see anything else installable on KDE3
> without breaking the KDE3 installation. Trying to install okular requires
> to have the KDE4 libraries and runtime packages installed.
> Are you packaging KDE3 and KDE4 runtime packages and libraries separately?
> IMO it would be better to make KDE4 separately installable. For now, maybe
> in /opt. This would allow most users to be able to fully test/install KDE4
> without the fear of breaking their boxes because they will have a backup DE
> available always.
> Once KDE3 is EOLed and we feel that it is good enough to move to
> testing/unstable, just add a dependency of KDE4 onto KDE3 and change the
> path from /opt to the standard locations.
> This way users will be able to better use/test KDE4. And Debian KDE won't be
> late in the game.

Your KDE maintainers have been working for months now with KDE4 and all this
issues have already a fix or have been made a decision about :)
Besides, we had a real life meeting this last weekend and make some decisions
more, a mail will follow in the next couple of days to this mailing list and

FYI, kde4libs, kdepimlibs and kdebase-runtime (for kde4) is co-installable
with kdelibs3c2a and kdebase (KDE3), so from your kde4 you can run kde3 apps
and viceversa.

We are trying harder to update more the information in our website as well:

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