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Re: Should reply to list be default

Am Donnerstag 08 November 2007 schrieb Curt Howland:

Hi Curt,

> Reply to the list is default for me, in Kmail. In fact, no matter
> which of the "reply" options in Kmail that I use, it always chooses
> the list for the reply address. I have to copy/paste the senders
> address by hand if I want to use it.

Not for me. If I choose reply to sender on your mail KMail inserts your 
email address into the To field. Standard reply as well as reply to list 
goes to list instead. Reply to all goes to list and your personal email 
address. So it works as intended here.

I used KMail mailinglist auto detection to get those settings for the 
folder containing the mailing list mails.

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