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Re: KDE for Etch (updates on the website)

Am Donnerstag 08 November 2007 schrieb Ana Guerrero:
> Hi,

Hi Ana,

> After read the last thread I have added to the pkg-kde's website a
> brief howto about get KDE on Debian easily:
> http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/installkdedebian.html
> Suggestions/patches/english fixes are welcome.

I would mention Amarok as well in the following paragraph:

"You might want to install the KDE traslation to your language 
(kde-i18n-XX) and other KDE-related applications, such as k3b and 
k3b-i18n, katapult, digikam, koffice, kaffeine, adept, konversation, etc. 
Most of these programs are bundled in the kde-extras package."

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