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Re: kaudiocreator fail on extract audio.

El Martes, 18 de Septiembre de 2007, Odair Augusto Trujillo escribió:
> Hello
> I have installed kaudiocreator, with default configuratios it don't extract
> audio becuase fail on save file.
> I tried with ogg, flac, and mp3, but get the same error, "fail on save
> file"
> But if use konqueror to extrac audio, it works fine.
> I need help with this because sound-juicer are on GTK and I hate it, and
> k3b are some slow.

AFAIK, kaudiocreator is not maintained, so don't expect much activity in it 
right now. I fully suggest you use the K3B option. You probably already have 
it installed for burning CD/DVDs, and once you start it, you shouldn't note 
it slow.

There is also abcde, but is a command line program, so its a pretty different 
way of working.

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