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International trading company is proud to offer a high-paid position for a honest hard-working ambitious person.

Big international commercial organization is seeking of talented, honest, reliable representatives in different regions. Because of developing of our business the organization is proposing to you to become its part. You can work part time or full time.
Requirements: Internet Connection Basic knowledge of PC Honesty Reliability
Basic knowledge of marketing is a plus.
If you want to get an opportunity to make a career, to earn some extra money, to gain new experience during the work, you should send us the following information to: JohnnieCarlsonGU@gmail.com 1) Full name 2) Contact phone numbers 3) Languages 4) Part time job/Full time No investments needed to start working with us. The preference is given to employees with knowledge of foreign languages.
Thank you and we are looking forward to cooperate in long term base with you.

P.S. This job is not associated with "money muls"

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