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Re: kpowersave suspend-to-ram does not work - private mail


2007 m. July 24 d., Tuesday, pol rašė:
> As you surely know, that do not exclude troubles due to conditions users
> can produce by tinkering about their system (xorg misconfiguration, acpi
> wrong set up, etc). An help on this regard could be provided by kubuntu or
> debian users, as well.
Yes, especially, xorg video drivers (proprietary fglrx is especially bad at 
this) and hardware etc. Maybe kpowersave does not unload kernel modules which 
klaptopdaemon does? My experience with klaptopdaemon is pretty contratry to 
yours. The last time (kde 3.4 maybe) I tried it out it didn't work for me in 
most areas (incl. suspend) whereas kpowersave did.

> So what is the real reason you are rejecting access to a user? Are you
> acting on behalf of a well representative group?
I'm not acting as representative and I'm not rejecting anything. I'm just 
saying that there are many distro specific factors involved so it's the best 
bet to consult distro specific forums/mailing lists. Don't make it personal.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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