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Re: kpowersave suspend-to-ram does not work - private mail

Modestas Vainius wrote:

> Sveiki,
> 2007 m. July 24 d., Tuesday, jūs rašėte:
>> Powersave is not a kubuntu specific production.
>> Don't you think any readers of this mailing list might have faced
>> troubles of that kind i have described?
> Works for me (Debian unstable amd64). You see, suspend is very very
> kernel/configuration/distro sensitive due to various ways to perform it.
> Methods, which work on one distro/configuration, might not work on
> another. And who knows if ubuntu hasn't patched kpowersave.

As you surely know, that do not exclude troubles due to conditions users can
produce by tinkering about their system (xorg misconfiguration, acpi wrong
set up, etc). An help on this regard could be provided by kubuntu or debian
users, as well. 
So what is the real reason you are rejecting access to a user? Are you  
acting on behalf of a well representative group?

I am sure the debian people are more open than you would say.


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