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(Remote) command line control for juk


The last few months I've been using juk to play music in my study.

One problem: I usually work on my laptop and not on the system with the 
decent sound system. So, every time I wanted to skip a song or change to 
another album, I had to grab the mouse of the other system and thus wake 
its monitor from suspend. Not ideal...

Well, we all know how to control KDE apps right? So, DCOP to the rescue!
The attached script allows you to execute all basic control commands 
remotely from the command line.

I soon noticed that one command I often use was not supported in DCOP: 
skipping to a different album in "album random play" mode [1].
Unacceptable! So, we now have: http://bugs.debian.org/432012.

One minor bug in juk...
The "forward" option does not skip to the next song from the currently 
playing one, but from the "active" one. This leads to somewhat strange 
behavior if you do "back" followed by "forward". It's easy to see what's 
happening if you have the playlist open for reference.

And oh, if you want local command line control over juk, just create a 
symlink "cjuk" [2] to the script and use that.


[1] Note that that command is not supported in the Etch version of juk.
[2] ln -s rjuk cjuk

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