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konqueror quick copy/move plugin lost in etch upgrade

A recent upgrade (adept rather than apt-get IIRC) caused konqueror to lose the right-click file copy/move options. Much faffing around, googling, usenetting and head-scratching later I find that these actions are in a plugin that's bundled in konq-plugins which is not installed by default.

I don't know whether it used to be included with the konqueror package and it's been moved to konq-plugins, or if it was always in the -plugins package but that has changed to no longer being installed by default. (I'm guessing that an upgrade can uninstall something that was previously installed.)

The bottom line is that a routine 'upgrade' broke things so that functionality that was there before was lost, which is a Bad Thing (tm) IMHO.

John Stumbles

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