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Launching root konsole from kicker; konsole is always root.


After a recent reinstall of Debian Lenny, I tried to reproduce a previous 
setup where I could launch Konsole as normal user, or as root,  using two 
separate icons on the KDE panel.

No go this time - I tried konsole as a different user, but this results in a 
freeze of the panel itself and eventually of KDE itself, and a 
message "KDEInit could not launch KDEsu" after closing the Konsole; I 
tried "sudo Konsole" from the panel but an error dialog said "KDEInit could 
not launch sudo". KDE's "Root Konsole" worked OK but is a pain because each 
tab requires retyping the password.

Other apps requiring root privileges via KDEsu (eg root konqueror and adept) 
work OK.

To make matters worse, I fiddled with Konsole's settings in such a way that it 
always launches as "Root Konsole" and I cannot find a way to put it back to 
normal user as default.

Any advice on either problem appreciated.



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