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Re: Complete KDE crash (since last upadate)

I have a big problem sincen the update on Monday evening, 21.5.
I use an aspire laptop with sid and kernel 2.6.20.

When I tried to login at kdm after the update, after giving the user
and pass, the kde welcome-screen comes up. The start window with the
symbols showing what  loads at the moment stopped at the second one (I
think "devices") for 30 seconds. After that I got my backround image
(without desktop icons) and a grey bottom-bar (where normally the
kde-taskbar is) and a moveable mouse cursor. Nothing more! No
interaction possible. I installed fvwm to use my programs.

I tried it several times, sometimes it hangs completely at the second
symbol, blinking but nothing more.

Is the reason a broken KDE, I have no explanation.

The /var/log/kdm.log gave no help.

This is the output from ps aux:


Nothing suspicious, but now I would suggest you start killing KDE processes >(with -9 if needed) starting with the highest pid (artsd). Once you kill a
process, switch back to X and see if KDE resumes booting. Hopefully, this
will help to track down the process that hangs.

Sorry, but I didn't found any progress. I started to kill processes: artsd, kmix, kaccess, kicker, kdesktop, kwin, ksmserver, no change till ksmserver. After killing that kdm restarts and shows a new login screen.

Hope that helps,


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