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Re: Noobie question - Editing KDE Menu under Debian

Wesley J. Landaker wrote:
One way you can customize the KDE menu to your liking (per-user) is by using kmenuedit. I don't know if you can do a different menu per-desktop or not; that's something I've never heard of anyone doing before. Of course, you could always request that feature upstream, or add it yourself. =)
I have been thinking about going the "add it myself" route - but that introduces a whole slew of other issues ;)

Maybe I'll just have to wrap my head around the menu XML format - kmenuedit is fine for per user edits - the "fun" starts when you want to edit a merged system menu (such as the Debian menu) and it isn't one of yours.

I've played around with the kiosk editor a bit - all I've managed to do is confuse myself.

Now, what's this "request it upstream" business? I reckon I could make a pretty good case for the request, based on improved useability!



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