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Noobie question - Editing KDE Menu under Debian


I recently moved from Fedora to Debian. Now, of course, I have a completely new KDE menu structure to deal with.

I'd like to re-organise it _extensively_ so that it reflects my needs, rather than the assumptions of the distro designers. I've looked over the documentation for the menu standard (structure of the XML files etc) and realised that, with all the merging of menus that's going on it's going to be a large task (either I set aside a block of several hours on a single day to work through the whole thing, or take it on progressively in small, manageable chunks).

Ideally, I'd like to get to the position where each of my multiple desktops has its own menu - say one for office apps, one for system admin and occasionally programming, one for graphics and one (maybe) for the fun stuff. Is this even remotely possible and if so how?



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