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Re: Remote KDE desktop?


| I have KDE 3.5 (Debian ETCH) installed on the computer in my
| office. I have installed Debian ETCH KDE on a new computer in the
| server room next to my office.
| What do I need to do to bring up the KDE from the server on the
| computer in my office?

As many people suggested, the "ssh -X" route or the XDMCP are the
simplest, I think.  On the other hand, the "remote desktop" avenue
is the most versatile.  Run a VNC server on the server machine
and allow remote access through the KDE control center.  Then,
you can control the whole KDE of the server from a remote machine,
be it a Windows, Mac, Unix, or Linux.  I once tested this.  I was
able to control the KDE desktop of my office machine from home.
Unfortunately, it was so slow that I gave it up.  But, if you use
your machine in your next room, it would be fine, I suppose.
I'm afraid I forgot the details of what I did at the time, though.
I'm merely pointing out that it's possible.


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