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Re: Remote KDE desktop?

There are many ways. I'm using my laptop to start programs and my 
desktop to display the applications since years. 

The most simple thing was already mentioned: ssh -X (name/IP of machine 
next room). This needs some ssh config issues to be solved: 

You need a file config in .ssh of both machines: 
Host *
Compression yes
ForwardX11 yes
Protocol 2,1
ForwardAgent yes

once you did that, do:

ssh -X (other host)

e.g. kontact &>/dev/null &

you can also use Konqueror to start programs. Use Help->Konqueror 
Introduction and chose the item "Applications" which will give you 
access to the menu on the remote machine. 

a very useful program in this scenario is "k"

Note that if you use ssh to log in, all the X session including all the 
passwords you type are encrypted. Otherwise, one could snoop the X 
session in the network. 

Hope this works for you, for me it works great and I really use most X 
remote features ...



On Saturday 10 March 2007 06:41, Stephen Frazier wrote:
> Thank you, it almost works.
> When I do the "Remote Login" it has my server listed under Hostname.
> Under Status is says "Display not authorized to connect"
> When I try to select it, I go back to the logon screen.
> Is there something else I need to change?
> Dave Page wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 09, 2007 at 11:54:53AM -0600, Stephen Frazier wrote:
> >> I have KDE 3.5 (Debian ETCH) installed on the computer in my
> >> office. I have installed Debian ETCH KDE on a new computer in the
> >> server room next to my office.
> >>
> >> What do I need to do to bring up the KDE from the server on the
> >> computer in my office?
> >
> > On the server, edit the file /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc - this controls
> > the KDM display server. Look for the section headed [Xdmcp] and
> > change the line which says Enable=false to Enable=true
> >
> > Then restart KDM on the server with:
> >
> > invoke-rc.d kdm restart
> >
> > Now on the desktop, at your KDM login screen, you can select
> > "Remote Login". If your server and desktop are on the same IP
> > network, you should see the server listed in the remote login
> > screen. Otherwise you may have to enter the hostname or IP by hand.
> >
> > Dave
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