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Re: Kmail: Replying to encapsulated messages in a email list digest.

Curt Howland wrote:

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> On Friday 09 March 2007 19:36, Paul Johnson was heard to say:
>> Click on the words "Encapsulated Message" to open the message in
>> it's own window.  From there, you can reply/forward/view
>> headers/whatever as if you received it individually.
> Ya know, I've tried that in every permutation I can think of. If I do
> just above, I get "Open Attachment? Save As Open With Kedit Cancel"
> Still looking through the docs, too. No luck.

It works in the current kmail in sid (Debian package 4:3.5.6.dfsg.1-1).  The
link I'm referring to appears at the very top of an encapsulated message
above said message's headers.

You might also try using knode to read via gmane at nntp://news.gmane.org/
On that server, Debian's mailing lists are in the gmane.linux.debian.*
hierarchy.  And there's always the fetchyahoo/split-digest-with-procmail

>> PS.  Sorry about being so dramatic earlier, I really need to post
>> less after working all day.
> I wasn't very nice either. Email makes the merely curt (no pun
> intended) come across badly, and it get worse from there.

I know the feeling.

> Please accept my apologies too.

No problem.

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