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Re: Kmail: Replying to encapsulated messages in a email list digest.

Curt Howland wrote:

> I have been taken to task for "breaking threads" in a mailing list,
> because I receive the digest. Nothing I have found to do has been
> able to reply to a particular encapsulated message, thus preserving
> the "in-reply-to" header entry.

Probably the best method isn't internal to kmail:

Use fetchyahoo to grab your mail from yahoo and run it through Procmail,
using the rules in procmailex(5) for splitting digests into individual

In kmail:

Click on the words "Encapsulated Message" to open the message in it's own
window.  From there, you can reply/forward/view headers/whatever as if you
received it individually.

PS.  Sorry about being so dramatic earlier, I really need to post less after
working all day.

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