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Re: Some about charsets and kmail

El viernes, 9 de marzo de 2007, Leopold Palomo Avellaneda escribió:
> Hi,
> well this message is mainly for the people who as me, are living in a world
> with accents and different characters in the occidental world. I'm sure
> that people with different alphabet the situation is worst :-)
> I write mainly in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. My main
> problems are in Catalan and Spanish with the accented chars and ç  ñ.
> I thought that I sent my messages using utf-8. Howeber I discovered that it
> was not true. Although that in the kmail configuration, the editor part,
> the charset, I have:
> utf-8
> utf-8(locale)
> iso8859-15
> kmail sent message with the last one, I don't know why.
> Also, I have selected the box with maintain the charset in the replies if
> is possible. Howeber I have found that I replied a message with utf-8 with
> iso8859-15, so the replied message is impossible so see ok because the
> merge of charsets.
> There are also a  part in the configuration that I really don't understand
> what does it means. In the appearance section the Message window tab, there
> are two settings that I don't really understand:
> Fallback character encoding
> Override character encoding.

	Hola, Leo.

	I had a similar problem several months ago, and I found that KMail was not 
really changing in the configuration my preference for charset.  Take a look 
at .kde/share/config/kmailrc and search for 8859-15 strings.  I made a copy, 
then I removed some line(s) regarding the wrong charset, and I run again 
KMail, with success.

	Give it a try.

	Best regards,

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