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Re: kdmtheme: "Override files found"

Le lundi, 19 février 2007, Ryo Furue a écrit :
> Hi Debian KDE users,
> I'm confused about KDM theming.
> I installed the kdmtheme package and invoked it from the
> control center.  Then, a dialog popped up, saying
>   Override files found, so this theming will not have effect. Please
>   see /usr/share/doc/kdm/README.Debian for more information.
> In /usr/share/doc/kdm/README.Debian, I found these words:
>   By default, the use of special graphical themes with KDM is
>   disabled.  If you wish to use the 'Circles' theme that comes with
>   the kdm package, or any other theme that you have installed, you
>   should research the 'UseTheme' and 'Theme' fields in
>   /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc.
> First, I don't know what "research the 'UseTheme' and 'Theme'" means.
> Second, I don't think it makes sense.  The KDM theming is disabled
> by default.  That's fine.  But, the installing of kdmtheme should
> enable the theming, without requiring the user to modify
> /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc by hand, shouldn't it?
> Does anybody know what's the problem?
> Regards,
> Ryo


As far as I remember (having had the same problem short ago), the problem does 
not reside in kdmtheme package, but in desktop-base

$ dpkg -L desktop-base | grep default/kdm

This is the subject of bug #407799 [0], which solution is to install the 
package from experimental.

Alternate solution is to remove desktop-base package or only 
the /etc/default/kdm.d/10_desktop-base file.


[0] http://bugs.debian.org/407799

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