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[KDE Bug 140952] Konsole crashes on start-up with "Konsole is unable to open a PTY"

Good day,

I'd like to know whether anyone else has experienced the same problem with KDE 3.5.5: 

When I try to start a konsole by clicking on the Konsole icon in the taskbar, the konsole wiondow opens, immediately follwed by a popup that gives the message:  Konsole is unable to open a PTY (pseudo teletype). It is likely that this is due to an incorrect configuration of the PTY devices. Konsole needs to have read/write access to the PTY devices.

When I click on the popup's OK button, the konsole disappears.

This happens irrespective of whether I'm logged in as a normal user or as root.

I'm running Kanotix with kernel 2.6.18


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