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Re: to run a "interactive" scritp before shutting down the system

El Jueves 07 Diciembre 2006 11:51, Grzegorz escribió:
> did you consider creating init script, which would be executed at
> switching to runlevels 0 (poweroff) and 6 (reboot)???
> see `man update-rc.d` and /etc/init.d/skeleton (sample script)
> kde has graphical manager to init scripts: ksysv

OK, I have already tested this option but it has two "problems":
	1.- I only want that a "specific user" of the system runs the script, if I 
	put this script in runlevel0 every user of the system should "talk with the 
	2.- The script have to be executed by "this specific user" not by "root" to 
	avoid security problems.

What do you think about? 


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