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Re: Multi-tasking

Leopold Palomo Avellaneda skrev:
A Dimecres 28 Juny 2006 12:54, Anders E. Andersen va escriure:
Matej Cepl skrev:
on the background. Whenever I run something more complicated in Linux
(gcc, update of slocate dbase), whole computer goes almost to halt (and
it is not that bad computer -- Dell Inspiron 2200 notebook w/ Celeron
1.4GHz, 512MB RAM). I believe that Linux should have perfect
multi-everything, but apparently there is some problem with my

Can anybody kick me in the right direction?
Pretty much the only thing that comes to my mind is if you are running a
kernel that has been compiled with the 'preemptible kernel' option.
I think that's not right,
Without a preemptible kernel, the desktop experience is not as good.

Desktop --> preemtive
Server --> no preemtive

Wasn't that what I wrote? :)


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