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Re: KWallet crashes on logout and therefore stops shutdown process

Am Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2006 23:25 schrieb Robert Gomułka:
> For the second problem - connection problem popup in KMail - it annoys me,
> too. I would like to see a bug which I could vote for or provide more info
> about. If nobody's going to submit it, I will after few days. However we
> should propose alternative behaviour. Maybe small icon in right corner,
> similar to progress maximizer?

Do you know wxWidgets? It has a nice error message mode where many error 
messages are summarized in one window. And this is non-blocking (the best 
thing about it).

For the small right-corner approach for progress, it has some disadvantages:
- the show/hide state can only be changed when a progress is going on
- no overall progress (many servers) is shown

But that things that I can live with.
What I would like to see it an approach to port stuff from evolution to KDE, 
like stuff that's useful in companies (means: ability to fully use an 
Exchange server).


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