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Re: Re: Repost-No Reply-Fwd: MPlayer Wont Work Under Sid-2.6.16-1-686

On Sat, Jun 17, 2006 at 10:03:21AM -0700, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Reposting because need help and haven't gotten a
> response. Thanks for any help.

> > Yahoo video player wont play with a greyed out
> > screen
> > coming up during the last stages of loading. A
> > greyed
> > out screen appears with teal green double cross that
> > gives the following message upon clicking it: "This
> > application contains information of the
> > type(application/x-mplayer2) that can only be viewed
> > with the appropriate plug-in." The title bar above
> > the
> > message is "X Default Plugin" My Mozilla about
> > plug-ins show that mime type
> > "application/x-mplayer2"
> > is enabled with suffix *. I'm sure that I'm

If this is for following links under KDE, check what programs are
associated with application/x-mplayer2.  KDE may not be calling Mozilla
plugins at all.

Sorry for delay; was expecting email response. Now, I don't have a listing
for "application/x-mplayer2" in control center>file associations-did but it's now gone. Also not listed under video.
It was associated with kmplayer before it vanished. Probably didn't have anything
associted with the embedded tab.

Go in to menu Konqueror - Configure - File Associations (I don't know
the French names I'm afraid).  Open the tree for 'applications' and
scroll down a long way to application/x-mplayer2.

French? I'm native born American-just the sir name is french. Couldn't
follow above. Opened konqueror>settings>configure konqueror and followed
instruction there on. Originally it was listed, but not now, and followed
instructions below to add the netscape plugin. This didn't allow Mozilla
browser to play the videos with mplauerplug-in but did prevent konqueror
and foxfire browsers from playing the videos which prior to the change
played them defaulting to kaffeine player.

If application/x-mplayer2 isn't in the list, then click on Add and add
x-mplayer2 as a type to the 'application' group, then click on it and
open the two tabs as below.

Was there; not now. Will have to add again and start over. BTW, using file
extensions from konqueror the same as using kde control center?

But hopefully it will be there and you just have to change the
associations !  Click on that entry and you'll see two tabs, General
for opening links in a new window and Embedding for including them as
<OBJECT> etc inside a web page.

Click on the Embedding tab, and if you see 'nspluginviewer' or 'Netscape
plugin viewer' then highlight it and Move Up to the top.

Did this originally and it stopped video playing on all 3 browsers. Since then
I used kde control center file assoc to change file assoc. on all related media
types to use kmplayer with embedded set to kde kmplayer and netscape player second.
Did this because mplayerplug-in was the only thing that would play all types of media
files in the past. This got firefox to play again and konqueror to play one time when I selected kmplayer from the settings menu. Now have added "x-mplayer" back into applications and added the embedded netscape player and now get an Java Script Error-Konqueror that says:

An error occured while attempting to run a script on this page.
http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/scp_v3/viewer/index.php?pid=16598&m=49750&cl-52...line 4201:
ReferenceError: Can't find variable: bs. The message has a debug and ok buttom. Hitting
debug yields: global code at "the above URI" with this line highlighted:
window.status = currentDoc.bufferCount
Not familiar with debuging tools so selected continue from menu and get another error:
saying: " An error occurred while attempting to run a script on this page.
Parse error at http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/scp_v3/detectomatic/sniffer.vbs line 3.
Clicked ok, then another error with only sniffer part changed to sniffer.js line 230
ReferenceError: Can't fine variable: activexenabled. Clicking the debug button again
shows Call stack "anonymous function at uri above" and "this.activeX - acticexenabled()".
And it goes on and on until I hit abort.

If it's not there then you have to Add it and then move it to the top.

Did it.

When this is all done, check at the top of the embedding tab that it's
set to "Show file in embedded viewer".  Finally press OK and it should
be done.

Did it.

Hope this gets you somewhere, it's worth checking.

Hope you can stay with me on this because I'm really confused now.


Leonard Chatagnier


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