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Problems with mouse and keyboard in KDE


It is an old and not so serious problem, but now I have enough of it!

Sometimes when I login into KDE the scrool wheel on the mouse is not working. After I press few times (1-8 times) Ctrl+Alt+BackSpace and thus restart KDM the scroll wheel starts to work.

I had peace for long time, but now the problem emerged again. Usualy it happens when using Quanta+ or Kate. When I want to save document or search for text and thus pressing Ctrl+S or Ctrl+F on the keyboard, the keyboard stops responding in Save or Search window. After I close and open the same window few times, the keyboard starts to respond again and then I can name the document or type in the search phrase.

Can somebody help me to get rid of this annoying annoyance?

Mitja Podreka

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