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Re: How to get rid of notification after cd inserting

On Saturday 04 February 2006 13:51, Robert Gomułka wrote:
> Hello,
> I use Debian Linux, version SID, with the newest official packages,
> including KDE. For about two months (more or less) after inserting cd
> into cd-rom annoying pop-up appears asking me what to do. I don't
> want it to appear, but don't know the way of disabling it.
> I run KDE Control Center, go to peripherals, then storage data (rough
> translation from my polish environment). In advanced tab I have only
> "Enable HAL" turned on, other two options (including something about
> CD-ROM status) disabled.
> Do you have any ideas how to get rid of my problem?
> Best regards,
> Robert
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Try in the KDE Components --> Service Manager and disable the Media 
Notification Daemon.

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