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Re: mount smb/cifs shares with kde

Onsdag 21 december 2005 20:38 skrev interia:
> >I'd just like to check with you guys if you know of any packages for kde
> > that handles mounting of smb shares similarly to how pmount works with
> > usb memory sticks? Any tips regarding mounting smb shares locally in an
> > (semi-)automated fashion is appreciated.
> start konqueror and write smb:/ on the top where u put internet addres
> of local files path ... should do :-)

Sorry, please understand that I want to MOUNT the share. I know fully well how 
to browse it.

Multimediaplayers like kaffeine and mplayer doesn't work (well) with 
io-slaves, neither does picture viewers like gqview. They need the share to 
be mounted to work well.

On my old laptop I had a setup where I mounted the shares I needed with fstab 
on boot. I just wanted to know if we had progressed beyond that?


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