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Re: mount smb/cifs shares with kde

El 21/Dec/05 - 20:03, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen dijo:
> Hi
> I'd just like to check with you guys if you know of any packages for kde that 
> handles mounting of smb shares similarly to how pmount works with usb memory 
> sticks? Any tips regarding mounting smb shares locally in an (semi-)automated 
> fashion is appreciated.

You can Use konqueror and smb:/ kio-slave. Try an URI format like:
- smb:// : browses for workgroups or domains
- smb://host : browses 'host' shares
- smb://user:password@host : browses 'host' shares submiting credentials
- smb://host/path/to/share : browsws that share ;-)

Sometimes, I also use smb4k package. It's an amazing application very 
similar to Network Neighborhood. With smb4k you can even add a 
"Samba Browser" Tab in a side bar, making easy and comfortable mounting 
and browsing samba shares :-)


> Anders
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