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Re: KDE 3.5.0 in experimental?

El Miércoles, 21 de Diciembre de 2005 08:31, interia escribió:
> I think new KDE should be in experimental all ... every expanding
> distribution has it why not debian ... it looks like this distro is
> dying ... new GNOME and KDE are important and should be in SID before
> end on the year becouse they recived lots of testing in other and allso
> debianlike distros, if they still wont be i will migrate becouse it will
> prove my theory ..

KDE 3.5 _is_ available for Debian:

- It is in a repository hosted by the debian project (alioth.debian.org, which 
is a official project).
- It is done by the maintainers of KDE in Debian.
- It wasn't uploaded to unstable, because the way of pushing the whole KDE 3.4 
to testing, is waiting until it is transitioned, not doing several uploads.
- It was uploaded to alioth instead of experimental, because it's easier for 
the users to dist-upgrade to KDE 3.5, and avoids the NEW queue.

Please, STOP throwing FUD to the list, and take the time of reading the 
messages the developers sent to the list, before writing.

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