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Re: Using reportbug with kmail

* Ana Guerrero <anja_isbilia@yahoo.es> [2005 Nov 07 21:28 -0600]:

> > PS: I do not want (although I know how) to configure exim because there is
> > no easy way out: only with TLS and authentication. Both is a pain to hack
> > into the exim configuration. Additionally, I do not want to save the
> > password as clear text in the exim configuration.
> Yeah, i understand you.
> A fast solution is execute reportbug and when you get the mail ready to send, 
> cut and paste it in kmail, then, send it to submit@bugs.d.o

I threw out Exim about a year ago and setup esmtp which is quite small,
easy to configure (five or six lines a couple of which are optional),
works with Procmail, and works with Mutt and reportbug.  Exim is
overkill when esmtp works just fine for me.

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