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Re: Kde devices's automounting on desktop

On Friday 28 October 2005 08:24, Derek Broughton wrote:

> Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > KDE 3.4 ... does not automount, but it puts an icon (or
> > more when there are several partitions on the medium) that
> > you can click to mount it.
> I don't think that's _quite_ right.  aiui, if you create the
> correct hal .fdi files, you can specify that the device be
> automounted.  Gnome seems to have better support for that
> end of things. --
> derek

As I write this I am upgrading a notebook to KDE 3.4. Before 
the upgrade, the notebook had a new net install of 
Debian/Testing -- using the Sarge net installer, RC3 -- not 
exactly up to date, but it worked with a few kinks.

With only some parts of 3.4 installed, I restarted KDE and got 
the 3.4 login screen. I logged in, opened Konq, clicked on 
storage media, and then plugged in a SanDisk flash drive. Its 
icon immediately appeared, correctly labeled. When I clicked 
on the drive's icon, it mounted and Konq correctly displayed 
the contents. Files opened properly, etc.

The context menu for the icon lists 'mount' and 'safely 
remove.' It does not have 'unmount' as an option -- even when 
the device is mounted. The icon properly indicates if the 
device is mounted or not. "Safely remove' seems to have 
replaced 'unmount' for removeable media.

It seems to work just as Martin indicated -- and was the 
primary reason I chose to get the 3.4 from Sid.

While it may be possible to script things so that the device is 
mounted automatically when it is plugged in, I see that as an 
unnecessary risk for removeable media, at least for my current 
applications. I prefer it to mount when I click on the icon, 
so I'm happy with what I am finding in 3.4.


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