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Re: Kde devices's automounting on desktop

Am Samstag 22 Oktober 2005 13:13 schrieb João Silva:
> Hi,
> does anybody knows if exists any aplication
> that automatically mounts devices on desktop
> like gnome do?

Hello João,

KDE 3.4 has inbuilt functionality for this using the media:// kio slave, 
hal, udev and D-BUS. Either just use the media:// kio slave or configure 
the desktop which device symbols it should display (context menu from 
desktop, "Behaviour/Device symbols" or something like that, have it in 
german here). It does not automount, but it puts an icon (or more when 
there are several partitions on the medium) that you can click to mount 
it. KDE 3.5 adds to that that it pops up a window when you insert a 

For KDE 3.3 you can use usbmount and hook in a script that puts an icon on 
the desktop. I have made one that I can send to you.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de

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