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Re: all my fonts go away.

Laura Creighton <lac@strakt.com> wrote: 

> And -- dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig  did not regenerate the package.

Well, it shouldn't. It just asks you the same questions you were asked
the first time you installed it.

> But the perplexing thing is that when I happened to reboot, all the
> problems went away.  So it seems that as long as I don't _have_
> a libfontconfig, then all is well.

What does 
$ apt-cache policy fontconfig libfontconfig1
say? As the reconfiguring of fontconfig worked, you should have
libfontconfig1 installed. They depend on each other.
Maybe you should run (as root)
# aptitude reinstall fontconfig libfontconfig1

> Does anybody understand this?  Does anybody know why this works, so
> I can figure out what it is that I need to do next to really fix the
> problem?

I don't know exactly, but as far as I understand the postinst script of
fontconfig (which is a depend of libfontconfig) runs "fc-cache". This is
regenerating the font-database. So maybe this solved you're problem. 


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