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Re: Question on konsole

I found the problem after a lot of debugging. Actually I had a 
perl-script in irssi recoding stuff to utf-8. So it was recoding utf-8 
to utf-8 messing up the encoding. 

So no relation with konsole but it seemed to have been an upgrade issue 
as it worked beforehand even with the recoding script enabled. Anyway, 
it's solved.



Am Thursday 06 October 2005 11:37 verlautbarte Rigo Wenning :
> Don't do it!
> I just dist-upgraded my deb-sid from xfree4 KDE 3.4.(alioth) to the
> new x.org KDE 3.4.2 in normal sid and now the UTF-8 support in
> Konsole is broken. Even when choosing unicode-font nothing is
> displayed correctly.

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