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Re: Question on konsole

Don't do it!

I just dist-upgraded my deb-sid from xfree4 KDE 3.4.(alioth) to the new 
x.org KDE 3.4.2 in normal sid and now the UTF-8 support in Konsole is 
broken. Even when choosing unicode-font nothing is displayed correctly. 

If using irssi in konsole (which worked beforehand), no special 
characters are displayed. I changed to all sorts of fonts, set the 
encoding manually, did a dpkg-reconfigure locales did a 
dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig to no avail. 

One indication might be that it does not find the console-font anymore. 
It said something like -misc-blabla iso10646

if started in xterm, it did the same kind of wrong encoding. So I'm 
further enquiring..



Am Wednesday 05 October 2005 20:11 verlautbarte Bob Alexander :
> Now if I only could upgrade from my etch 3.3 to 3.4 I woul dbe very
> happy but would need some help to do this without breaking my perfect
> system ! :)
> Thank you,
> Bob

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