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Re: k3b and cdrecord problem

Michael Thaler wrote:

>> I also cannot burn cd-images with cdrecord itself. The error message is
>> the same. But I can burn cds as root. I used to have installed cdrecord
>> as suid root and then it worked also for normal users, but it seems this
>> does not work anymore with kernels >=2.6.8. What do I have to do to burn
>> cds as normal user with k3b/cdrecord?
> I installed cdrecord without suid root because k3b complained about it and
> told me that it wont work with kernels newer then 2.6.8. I just tried to
> set cdrecord suid root again and it started working again... o.k., problem
> solved.

Somebody posted a couple of days ago that this is changed _back_ to the old
behavior on recent kernels.  All the bouncing is making me dizzy :-(

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