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Re: Question on konsole

Marco Amadori wrote:
Alle 05:34, mercoledì 5 ottobre 2005, Bob Alexander ha scritto:

I tried changing the locale in KDE, logging out and relogging, to both
US and C but nothing changed.

I altro tried assigning other values to the LANG and LANGUAGE
environment vars but nothing changed.

Any other ideas ?

I find this strange behaviour in two different system from friends of mine, debian-sid and breezy prerelease (both at kde 3.4.2 time) and also I could not change the locale via gui, I remember I had fixed both systems editing a file in .kde... do not remember which one but I remember also I found it with a simple grep -R -i locale ~/.kde/, changed the wrong locale and restarted kde. I do not know why via gui (kcontrol) I was not able to fix this.

I hope it helps.

Marco hello,
with your grep trick I have found ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals which contains the following stanza:

DateFormat=%A %e %B %Y

which seems to reflect perfectly what is shown in kcontrol.

Do you have other ideas ?

Grazie mille,
Bob (Roma)

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