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Re: usb storage problems

Am Sonntag, 18. September 2005 21.34 schrieb Petr Baláš:
> > theo@tbox:~$ pmount -d /dev/sda1
> > find_sysfs_device: looking for sysfs directory for device 8:1
> > Fehler: konnte sysfs-Verzeichnis nicht erfragen
> >
> > There is absolutely nothing in my folder /sys.
> Did you have:
> none            /sys            sysfs   defaults           0       0
> in your /etc/fstab?

No. I have added it, but pmount still doesn't work.

Hendrik wrote:
> Simply install the sysfsutils and you don't need that line.

I see this won't work with the 2.4 kernel.

Dave wrote:
> See if you can load the uhci module via:
> modprobe uhci

/lib/modules/2.4.20-xfs/kernel/drivers/usb/uhci.o: insmod uhci failed

> If not, it's not built into your kernel....You're using a very old kernel 
> now as well - 2.4.20 is ancient.  I'd 
> really recommend upgrading to a newer kernel, more than likely one of
> the Debian 2.6 kernel images that are available.  

OK, I guess I'll have to now. It still seems strange to me that I can't get a 
decent USB mounting system going with a 2.4 kernel, given that Sarge still 
installs a 2.4 kernel unless you specificly ask for the 2.6 one.

> I noticed that you're 
> using xfs as well - I have no experience with xfs, so I can't say if
> that's possibly something to do with this (I doubt it though to be
> honest).

No idea why the kernel is called that. I don't use xfs.

Thanks everybody for the help. I want to solve this once and for all. At the 
moment I have to wait ten minutes, then I can mount manually only one of my 
three cards as root and use it only as root. KDE will find and mount it only 
if it is included and correctly configured in /etc/fstab.

Theo Schmidt

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