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Re: usb storage problems

On 9/18/05, Theo Schmidt <schmidt@hupi.org> wrote:
I continue to be stumped by USB storage devices in KDE. Only once with some
older version of Knoppix did a USB stick appear automatically on the desktop
when plugged in. I don't need this, but I do need at least to know under
which name the device can be mounted. Even without other SCSI devices, the
devices seem to vary from sda1 through sda5 to sdd1. I did once in a fit of
frenzy create 20 different lines in /etc/fstab in order to find the right
device, but it didn't really work. Years ago I could find the right device
in /proc somewhere, but this no longer seems possible.

udev and hotplug work fine for me, you may have a look at my files at http://www.svenkrahn.de/linux/my_debian/ar01s03.html#d0e659

Devices appear under their respective kernel names, but also under any given name you have specified in the udev rules.
To make them appear automatically on your KDE desktop without pmount you can use a small script which is called by hotplug (also described in my setup notes).

Best regards / Mit den besten Grüssen
Sven Krahn
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