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KDM - Command equivalence to "K Menu->Switch User->Start a new session"?

Hi all,
Short Story :
I have one computer with 2 users, one usually using kde (3.4.2), the
other another wm/desktop env (Window Maker, or gnome).
It use kdm.
Is there a command that does the same thing than "K Menu->Switch
User->Start a new session", so that I can start a new session from
another 'wm' than kde, or switch to an existing other session?
Thanks for any help,
Long Story (where I already searched for solutions)
- gdm offers this functionnality, as it is included in the debian menu
by default (start new session, and even start new session in a window!).
- I didn't find any help in the kdm help, google didn't help, kde wiki
neither, and there's no help at all for kdmctl (I feel that it is part
of the solution...)
- There's not an identified entry for that command in the kde menu
- I didn't find any clues in the DCOP manager (no kdm entry in the DCOP
- Btw, it's possible to switch from one session to another using
Meta-Fxx, but not creating a new one...
- if anybody have the answer here, I will have to learn again how the
debian menu is managed, to add an entry for that...
To conclude, I fell that problem may be a cause for an user to switch
from kdm to gdm, as it's a more easy way to solve the problem... Maybe
that menu entry should be included in the kdm debian package...
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