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Re: DVD Authoring

Thanks. That was exactly what I needed.

David Martínez Moreno wrote:
El Miércoles, 27 de Julio de 2005 16:56, Riviere Informatique SARL escribió:
I've used k3b plenty on Debian for burning my own video's on DVD.
Since my KDE is now broken (On Debian unstable) I can't run it and
check, but it worked fine for a long long time.
	It is completely possible to have KDE 3.4.1 now in unstable. Simply you need 
some manual massage in dselect and voilá! Either, you can have KDE 3.3 in 
unstable, again with some holding in key packages. There is some instructions 
in a post by Adeodato Simó two days ago in this same list. Browse the 
archives for more information.


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