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Re: DVD Authoring

I've used k3b plenty on Debian for burning my own video's on DVD.
Since my KDE is now broken (On Debian unstable) I can't run it and
check, but it worked fine for a long long time.

Richard Wegner wrote:

> Hi there, I'm currently using Debian 3.1 and just was wondering if
> ANYONE was sucessful in making video DVDs with it.  I use K3B for
> backup of my data onto DVD but not for making video DVDs.  I have a
> bunch of home movies I want to put into a menu selection and send to
> my parents in Ohio.  I tried the Video DVD selection on k3b but it
> gives me an error stating about size, it only puts 700 or so mb
> availible while the DVD's are 4.7gb.
> Thanks

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