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Re: mime.types and mailcap

On Sunday 24 July 2005 01:07, C. D. Logan wrote:
> I'm trying to sort though a minor problem of a non-kde app that features
> some 'buttons' to launch a web browser taking you to various sites relating
> to this app.  Clicking these buttons does nothing.  I'm told that this app
> uses the mime.type and/or mailcap files to determine the browser to use. 
> Further, they hinted that under KDE, other unspecified steps are needed due
> to KDE's mechanism of associating file types conflicting with the wxwidgets
> library's methods.  Are there any known issues relating to the harmonic
> existence of KDE and wxwidgets and how they use or share mime.types?

If it evaluates a mailcap file this should be pretty easy.
You could add entries like this

text/html; kfmclient %s text/html

Or wildcard it

text/*; kfmclient %s


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