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Re: bluedeath effect

El Jueves, 21 de Julio de 2005 16:23, Rigo Wenning escribió:
> I can confirm that KDE is getting slower and slower, also with a
> relative fast machine, though not as fast as yours. I haven't
> experienced the hangs that would need a complete reboot, but I had
> freezes in 3.3.2 and sid. Now working with the alioth packages and a
> sid before the gcc-4 transition works, but still could be optimized a
> lot.
> I suspect the lack of cooperations between KDE and fontconfig to be the
> origin of the issue. Mostly, delays were cost by some app waiting for
> some font before falling back to some other value. I haven't managed to
> fix the issue so far. If you use russian truetype fonts, it seems to be
> even more error prone.

	Have you tried to run 'fc-cache -f' as root?

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