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bluedeath effect

Too many applications and processes cause terrible slowdowns and hangups which 
is nearly has the same effect as the bluedeath effect known from the other 
os. The most applications not response for about 5-10 minutes and/or crashes 
so the X-server needs to be restarted. After restarting X with 
ctrl+alt+backspace kde hand on startup and the system needs to be rebooted. 
Yesturday it's happend when I've mounted a cd-rom and tried to open some 
files for reading. But it also happens with some other applications (kdetoys, 
evolution, etc. - I've already removed them, but I can't just remove every 
suspicious application). I use Linux for years, but I never seen similar 
things on other systems. KDE always was very stable. I've turned off every 
special kde effects like animations, etc., but it doesn't help. Whan should I 
do, check, etc. to fix it somehow? I have a relatively fast CPU (P4 2400) and 
enough memory (512 RAM + 1 GB swap) and I don't run powerhungry applications, 
so it should not happen. Can this problem be kernel dependable? I run the 
official 2.6.8-2-686 Debian kernel, system: Sarge with the official KDE 
3.3.2, and I don't have nothing from backports, unstable, testing, etc 
Thanks in advance!

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